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Emily Quach

A professional photographer of 7 years, Emily has a distinct vintage style to her gorgeous work of arts. Her signature looks have a modern twist. Photography has been her main creative outlet and has provided her with a genuine feeling of bliss and happiness.


Feral Creature and Flamcis, Photo Vogue of Vogue Italia, Coco Indie, AvantPhoto, and her own city’s newspaper the Boston Globe





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Michael Blank

As a portraiture and lifestyle photographer of 5 years, Michael’s work has been featured in many publications. He has also worked with major brands and celebrities. He aims to explore the inner confidence of his models and works to bring out the best versions of his models.


Burberry, Calvin Klein, Furla, H&M, Rimmel, Jacquie Aiche Jewelry, The Zoe Report


Vogue, GQ, Esquire, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Glamour, L’Officiel, AvantPhoto


Dick Van Dyke, Bradley Cooper, David Guetta, Nadine Velazquez, Tom Everett, Scott, Denis O’Hare, Jason Alexander





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Natalie Allen

Natalie Allen’s photography aims to capture raw moments, candid laughs, and life stories. Her talents have lead her to work with famous brands such as Free People, Urban Outfitters, Aeropostale, Folk Magazine, The Vista Travel Journal, and AvantPhoto. She recently expanded into teaching photography through a variety of workshops in Belize, Arizona, California, and Mexico.


Urban Outfitter’s Blog, Free People’s Blog, Instagram Suggested Users, The Vista, Circus Magazine, Folk Magazine’s Instagram Takeover, Stay Wild Magazine, Trend Magazine, Folk Magazine’s Instagram Takeover, RAW Artists Showcase, Mad Sounds Magazine, Pastorale Magazine, AvantPhoto


Urban Outfitters, Free People, Areopostale, ProWorld Belize (NGO), Bloke Body Scrub, Trades of Hope (NGO), Bangs Shoes, Shabby Apple, Trend Magazine, Gypsy Gems, Jen’s Pirate Booty, FORD Models, Agency AZ, Clashist Clothing, YourTea, “The Maine” Band


101 Mesa Downtown Gallery, RAW Artists Showcase, AAG Guild Annual Art Gallery Glendale

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Titik Wahyuni (aka Yuni)

Yuni is an Indonesian beauty photographer based in the Netherlands. Her work emanates with her distinct dreamy and romantic style. She has been working for several fashion brands in the Netherlands and also abroad. She is also a member of the Dutch Photographers group, LichtZone. Since 2014 she has been really active in both commercial work and also her own creative project.


Dark Beauty Magazines, Assercourant, Divulge Magazines, Revista Ideias Brazil, AvantPhoto magazine


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Vincent Brod

Vincent Brod is a German photographer of 5 years, he specializes in people and travel photos. His work has been a part of many medium to big companies. His talents has allowed him to win the SeeMe Exposure Award of 2015 and had his photography published in their book of winners.


SeeMe Exposure Award

SeeMe Exposure Book of Winners

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Lane Lang

Lane Lang is a photographer duo based in New York City and Beijing. They have crafted a unique style to express the beauty of women through their photos. Each picture conveys so much emotion and sensitivity. Their artworks have been featured in Vogue China and they were featured on the front page of Vogue Italia PhotoVouge.


Vogue China

Vogue Italia PhotoVouge


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