1.Peak Design Capture Camera Clip


Easily mount your camera securely and quickly with Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip.  Attach the clip to your backpack straps, your waist belt, or anywhere you feel comfortable and slide your camera into place.  It locks your camera in tightly and, with a push of a button, releases it so it’s ready for action.  A perfect gifts for photographers.


2. Eyefi Mobi 16GB SDHC Card


Instantly add wifi to your camera with the Eyefi Mobi SD card. It allows you to take pictures and have them wirelessly sent to your laptop without the hassle of cables and finding extra ports on your computer.  Connect your computer to a tv and with a click of a button, all your pictures will be shared on a large display.  Great for parties, events, or studio practice shoots.


3. Camera Lens Thermos (Stainless Steel)


Every photographer knows what it’s like to stay up late at night editing photos.  For those long nights, treat yourself to some fresh coffee or hot tea in this unique camera lens mug.  The box it comes in also replicates a camera lens box.  Impress your friends, family, or coworkers with the detailed designs.  (Also perfect for pulling pranks).



4. Custom SLR C-Loop Camera Strap Mount

cloop camera strap mount

With traditional camera straps located at the top, it can be frustrating when they get in the way of shooting or tangled.  The smart people at Customer SLR decided to relocate the straps to the bottom of the camera with the C-Loop camera strap mount.  They even added a 360-degree swivel to it.  So now you can switch from portrait to landscape and not have to worry about the straps falling in your face or blocking the viewfinder.



5. Pistol Grip Camera Handle

pistol grip camera

Attach the pistol grip handle to your camera for steadier videos and photos. With a strong ergonomic design, it fits all types of cameras from smartphones, GoPros, mirrorless, and DSLRs WITH external flash units.  It also comes with a handy D-ring to clip onto your belt, keychain, or bag.  Having a steady hand does an incredible job for getting a more professional look and feel to your videos and photos and with this pistol grip, you’ll be able to.



6. Lomography Lomo’Instant Camera

Lomography Lomo'Instant Camera

This is one sexy instant camera.  With a sleek white design, 3 shoot modes, Auto/Manual mode, long exposure capabilities, and unlimited multiple exposures, this is any lomographers dream. For you lomography lovers, this camera is the perfect size and a great way to instantly share what you capture with friends and family.



7. Spring Break Camera Strap


Add a little bit of fun to your camera straps and welcome the arrival of Spring.  This camera strap has a neoprene backing so it’s comfortable around your neck, it’s adjustable for the tall and short, and it has a quick-release feature to make taking it off a breeze.



8. Folding Portable Lightbox Studio


Take a studio and shrink it and you have a great set up for food photography or small product photography.  This particular one comes with a black backdrop and is easily assembled with magnets.  It also allows you to get a green screen effect with their Foldio App (no extra backdrop required). Once you’re done taking gorgeous pictures, it folds completely flat.



9. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera


Combining the old with the new, Polaroid brings back the nostalgic of their iconic camera with this minimalist design.  This camera allows you to take great pictures and easily print and share physical photos with a push of a button.  Printed pictures are ready in less than a minute and have a sticky backing fro your to post anywhere you like.  Not only that, it also saves your pictures digitally for easy uploading.



10. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

polaroid print

Don’t want to get a Polaroid, but still want to the Polaroid print?  Here’s a mobile printer that lets you print directly from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or NFC.  This comes with 10 premium ZINK sheets to print on.  Zink sheets are smudge-proof and sports a peel-back stick paper for even more fun.



11. TECHO Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

hd camera lens

This 2 in 1 camera lens kit will give your smartphone photos a much needed boost in quality.  It comes with a macro and wide angle lense, but the cool thing about it is that it features a universal design so you can attach ANY 37MM threaded DSLR lens to your smartphone, instantly bringing DSLR quality to your pictures. The two lenses included are optics straight from Japan. They are housed in top-graded aluminum to keep it light and extremely durable.



12. Foneso Aluminum Monopod Selfie Stick

monopood selfie stick

There’s a lot of selfie-sticks out there but this one is unique.  This one actually transforms into a standalone monopod for your iPhone, Android, GoPro and even some DSLRs.  It’s made of aluminum, comes with a Bluetooth remote shutter, and extends up to 2.72 feet. The Foneso monopod selfie stick is lightweight, sturdy, versatile–it’s the best selfie stick ever.  No wonder it’s a top seller.



13. iPhone 6 Lumee Illuminated Cell Phone Case

iluuminated cellphone case

This case not only protects your smartphone, but lights up in the front for better lighting. It has a dimmer switch for you to control how dark or light you want the light to shine. There’s a rechargeable battery that enables it to last long hours and be used independently from your phone.  Perfect lighting is just a switch away, light at your fingertips.


14. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (Raspberry)


This is the newer Fujifilm instant film camera, featuring a slimmer and lighter body. Advancing from the previous model, this one features automatic exposure measurements with LED flash and you can adjust the dial to your liking.  There is also a new High-Key mode available for the bright, vivid photos that are perfect for portraits.


15. Camera USB Flash Drive


The Camera USB Flash Drive is a fun and practical way of storing all of your important files and documents. It even comes with a necklace to prevent you from forgetting or misplacing it. It makes for a great gift for family,friends or even significant others.


16. DSLR Photographer’s Wristband Set


Show your love for photography with these zoom lens wristbands. They’re soft silicone replicas of your camera’s focus ring. It comes with 8 bracelets. These are cool, unique conversation starters for photography lovers.


17. Hot Shoe Three Axis Double Bubble Level


A quick and easy way to take pictures with perfect horizons and vertical lines.  Simply snap on the level cube and align the bubbles to set up your straight shots.


18. DAOTS Camera Lens Kit for Apple iPhone 6

DAOTS camera kit

A 4 in 1 lens kit for the latest iPhone owners.  The DAOTS camera lens kit comes with a 12x telephoto, fisheye, wide angle, and macro lenses.  It’s fun, easy to use, takes great pictures, and made of high quality materials.


19. Neewer 160 LED Digital Camera/Camcorder Video Light


A lot of photographers also do video, or they have interest in doing some video.  Whatever the case may be, this Neewer 160 LED light is perfect for those starting out but aren’t interested in paying a fortune.  The quality you get from it is great and it’s very affordable.  This one features a dimming switch to adjust the light output as well as 2 filters to change the color temperature.


20. Yongnuo Speedlight External Flash


For the natural light photographers who want to expand their abilities and start off with something small, this external flash by Yongnuo is one of the best investments you can make. The light output is high quality, adjustable, and there’s enough settings for you to experiment while you learn.  At a fraction of the OEM external flash units, Yongnuo’s flash can do just about everything a new flash photographer needs.


21. DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera

dji phantom

We’re not ruling out drone photography either.  The DJI Phantom 3 features a live HD video feed right from your smartphone so you can see what it sees. Its flight time is roughly 23 mins and can shoot up to 2.7k HD video quality. There’s GPS built in and it comes with battery, controller, charger, and camera ready to go.


21. Kelly Moore Camera Bag (Women)

kelly more women

For those who are looking for camera bags that don’t look like camera bags, this one’s a fashionable must.  Great for the fashionable photographer or someone on your list.  On the outside it rocks a high end chic look, on the inside there’s removable padding, adjustable dividers to protect your lenses and DSLR, cushioned base and sides and even extra space for your personals and a tablet.


22. Kelly Moore Camera Bag (Men)

kelly more men

We didn’t forget about the men.  Here’s a camera back that blends much better with your attire.  It has a leather flap that’s secured with a magnetic snap. It will hold one DSLR camera, up to 10″ lens, extra lenses or a flash, up to 15″ laptop, plus accessories. Not to mention it also has a credit card and ID organizer.


23. Koolertron Waterproof Vintage Camera Bag


Perfect for those who are wanting a camera bag that’s more affordable, beautiful, and has a vintage look without actually being old. This wonderfully designed camera bag will help you pack light without looking like a tourist on your travels.


24. Polaroid Cube

polaroid cube

This fun little camera is an amazing gadget for any photography lover.  It records up to 90 mins, it has a wide angle lens, it’s waterproof, it has a magnet at the bottom so you can stick it anywhere you like (helmet, bike, skateboard, car, etc.), all of this in a package that’s just over 1 cubic inch.


25. Neewer 5 in 1 Portable Lighting Reflectors 

neewer lighting reflectors

A very easy way to add more dimension to your pictures is to use light reflectors.  Neewer has a set of translucent, gold, silver, black and white that’s portable and comes in a carrying case.  It’s a fantastic tool to have and will do wonders for those tough lighting situations.


26. GoPro HERO4 Silver


GoPro doesn’t need any introduction, but this HERO4 action camera comes packed with a touch display, 1080p video playback, 12MP pictures, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, and you can trim your videos right within the camera. This particular model features a new design and has improved camera controls for ease of use.


27. Fotodiox Crystal DSLR Camera

crystal camera

We didn’t even know such a thing existed. Hand-crafted and made with premium grade crystal, this is a great gift for photographers who love their camera. Works well as a paperweight, bookends, conversation starters, and more.


28. Rode Shotgun Mic with Rycote Lyre Mount


Capture high quality sounds to go along with your videos with this professional grade video mic by Rode. It comes with a Rycote Lyre based mount that isolates vibrations and removes unwanted rumble to the microphone. It’s designed to record specifically what its pointed at and minimize any surrounding sounds.


29. Seagate Backup Plus 4TB Portable External Hard Drive with 200GB of Cloud Storage

4tb hdd

Every photographer will need an external hard drive to back up their precious photos. This Seagate one features a 4TB plus you get 200GB of cloud storage. Transfer your pictures or videos quickly with the high speed USB 3.0.  Check out the sleek metal design.


30. LaCie Rugged Mini USB 3.0 External Hard Drive


If you want something more rugged and reliable, then here’s one by LaCie. This one features their iconic orange design secure form factor. It’s an impressive drive being able to withstand rain, drops, pressure (you can drive over it with a 1-ton car and it will still work) talk about robustness.


31. Wacom Intuos Pro Pen Tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen

Photographers do a lot of editing. With a tablet, they can edit their pictures with much more precision, ease, and comfortability. This Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet features over 2048 levels of pen pressure, 8 customizable short-cut keys for efficiency, and it has touch-enabled features to edit with your fingers.


32. LensBaby Spark


With the LensBaby Spark, photographers can take their creativity to a new level.  Quickly attach the lens to your camera and you’ll be able to capture selective focus images. Your pictures will have a sweet spot of focus, surrounded by blur. It’s a great way to experiment with what you can do.


33. Gura Gear Sabi Super Sack

gura-gear-sabi-sack The Gura Gear Sabi Super Sack is perfect for situations where tripods just don’t work.  Arrange it in unique ways and place your camera right on top of it and capture pictures at certain positions.  It’s great for shooting from cars, rocks, trees, stumps, or just on the ground.


34. Sekonic L-308S 401-309 Flashmate Light Meter Digital


The Sekonic light meter is small, portable, extremely easy to use and works for both ambient and flash exposures.  It’s accurate and will display the reading on an easy to read LCD. A lot of other light meters have features that clutter up the interface, this one has exactly what most photographers will need and nothing more.


35. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Lens

canon 50

No list is complete without the fifty nifty lens. The 50mm lens is one of the best investments a photographer can make. It produces gorgeous photos, it’s small, affordable, and enables photographers to be more versatile when shooting by forcing them to move around.


36. Nikon 50mm f/1.8G Lens

nikon 50

We can’t forget Nikon shooters. This one is the most popular Nikon 50mm lens to date.  With almost a perfect 5 stars and over 1,100 reviews, it’s easy to see why this lens is a must have for Nikon users.


37. Epson PictureMate Charm Photo Printer

epson printer

Print your favorite photos with the Epson PictureMate Charm Photo Printer.  With this printer, you’ll get professional quality photos that are vibrant, smudge, scratch, water, and fade resistant.  It comes with a portable handle and will get your prints ready in 37 seconds flat.


38. Pelican 0915 Black SD Memory Card Protective Case Replaces


As photographers we carry a lot of memory cards.  Keeping them organized and easy to access in one location can be difficult. With the Pelican protective case, you can stash all of your memory cards in one spot.  This particular model is made of tough polycarbonate resin and has a water resistant seal–perfect for protecting your precious photos.


39. Joby GorillaPod SLR Zoom Tripod


The perfect combination of strength and versatility, the GorillaPod SLR- Zoom with ball head is the pinnacle in of DSLR camera tripods. Strong flexible legs easily wrap around trees, poles, or posts allowing you to capture the right angle in any environment.


40. Induro CT-014 8X Carbon Tripod


The Induro tripod is the strongest, most stable tripod ever.  It uses 8 layers of crisscrossing Carbon Fiber to produces the strongest legs in the industry.  It’s incredibly ergonomic, durable, and lightweight.  It includes a tool kit and a deluxe carrying bag and strap.


41. Sony Attachable Camera Lens for Smart Phones


This Sony attachable camera lens allows you to clip it onto most smart phones and instantly boost the quality of the photos you’re able to take.  Bring the DSLR quality to your phone with ease. The design features Sony’s well known sexy, and modern look. It has 10x Optical zoom, easy one-touch set up, works with both Android and iOS, and the coolest feature, you can hold the lens in one hand and have your smartphone in the other, and still take pictures with the lens via NFC or WIFI technology.


42. GoPole 360 Time Lapse device for GoPro Cameras

gopro time lapse

If you’re a photographer who wants to capture beautiful 360 panaraomic photos, here is a must have device. The GoPole allows you to connect your GoPro camera (works with any model of GoPro) and set the timer to rotate 360 degrees in 60 minutes. This is the best way to create steady, perfect sceneary photos and videos.


43. Qlippie Clip on Wearable Camera


This fun little gadget is a wearable “life camera” that allows you to record your daily life and document your adventures. It’s beautifully designed, simple, and easy to use. The Qlippie Clip is designed to be used hands-free, it features 1080p video quality, it’s ultra light, records up to 12 hours of HD video or captures up to 5,000 photos. It also allows you to customize the look with unique patterned stickers to match your fashion or personality.


44. Yi Action Camera

yi camera

Want the awesome video recording abilities of the professional GoPro but not the “professional” price? Enter the Yi Action Camera. This affordable alternative to the GoPro was design and created to answer the call for a cheaper GoPro device that still produce great videos and photos. It rocks a 16 megapixel camera, records 1080p, has a 155 degree ultra wide lens, and has a modern, clean look.


45. Nikon D750 FX DSLR Camera


The Nikon D750 full frame DSLR camera is one of the best rated camera.  It’s conveniently small compared to other full frame DSLR, it has an adjustable LCD, it produces ridiculously detailed pictures, it has built-in WiFi and captures full HD videos. With accurate colors, sharp photos, and reasonable price, it’s easy to see why so many photographers recommend the D750.


46. Canon EOS 5DS DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 5DS

The Canon EOS 5DS DSLR camera is a full frame beauty that produces beauty.  It packs a whopping 50 megapixels sensor to create ultra-high resolution photos, it has 61 auto focus points with 41 of them being cross type, this means more chances of you capturing tack sharp pictures. It also allows you to capture full HD videos and even has a time lapse feature.


47. Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Tablet


Every professional photographer knows what it’s like to edit with just a keyboard and mouse. It’s time consuming, tedious, and slow.  With the popular Wacom series pen and tablet such as this one, you can quickly and professionally edit your photos in less time so you can focus on doing what you love–taking pictures. This Wacom pen and tablet combination has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, 8 customizeable keys, and a multi-functional touch ring for convince.


48. Portage Leather Camera Bag

portage cmaera bag

After you get a Nikon D750 or the Canon 5DS, pair it with the Portage camera bag. It’s made of rich leather, with a felt interior. It has adjustable tie strings to secure the flaps and an outside pocket to hold your lens cap or other small items.  It’s a fantastic, durable bag that makes a fashionable statement.


49. S-Zone Vintage Leather Camera Bag

s-zone camera bag

Want a darker, more spacious case? Try out the S-zone vintage leather camera bag.  This bag has a thick saddle black leather, it’s not too big, it’s not too small, everything about the bag is high quality and it’s a gorgeous looking bag.  Perfect for every day use or business travels while taking your wonderful photos.


50. CamRanger Remote Wireless Camera Control (Canon & Nikon)


With the CamRanger Remote device, you can wirelessly control your Canon or Nikon DSLR from your iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, or Mac or Windows computers.  Connect the CamRanger to your DSLR and it creates a wireless hotspot that your devices can connect to.  Then use the CamRanger app to fully control your DSLR on the big screen of your smartphones and tablets.


51. Umbra Hangit Photo Display

umbra photo display

Display your favorite pictures with ease with the Umbra Hangit photo display. It’s a casual, artistic way to show off your precious memories or your beautiful artwork. It comes with two wooden supports with five twine cords and 40 wooden clips. You can easily rotate the pictures to create a unique look.


52. Muku Shuttr Selfie Remote (iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nexus)

muku shutter

The is the slimmest remote control shutter for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung Galaxy/ Notes. It’s made of a sleek durable material, it’s highly portable.  Very easy to set up and use right away, in fact, you can set it u in 30 seconds with NO APPS TO DOWNLOAD. It’s so tiny you can carry it on your key chain. A must have for selfie lovers.


53. Yongnuo Macro Ring Flash (Canon)


Get those gorgeous circular catch lights in your model’s eyes with a ring flash.  This is the Yongnuo macro ring flash that is excellent for portraits. It has the most settings you can get for an extremely compact form factor, from ETTL, full manual, it’s easy to use menu is great for beginners, to semi pros. Capturing stunning portraits with this ring flash is easy.


54. GoPro Smart Remote

gopro wifi remote

Control your GoPro remotely from distances of up to 600′ (180m) with this wearable, waterproof remote. Power the camera on/off, adjust settings, start/stop recording and capture photos. When used with HERO4 cameras, you can also use the Settings/Tag button to quickly change settings or mark key moments while recording with HiLight Tag. Enables control of up to 50 cameras at a time.


55. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6


One of the most popular software in the photo industry, Lightroom allows you to quickly organize, perfect,and share your pictures. With it, you can edit non-destructively while preserving your original files, you can adjust every pixel by working with RAW files, and when you’re all finished, easily share it Lightroom’s integrated social sharing.


56. HooToo Aluminum Card Reader (USB 3, HDMI, SD/SDHC/SDXC up to 2TB)


Expand your computer’s capabilities with the HooToo aluminum card reader.  It’s made of the same material as the Macbooks and has the same design. It uses USB type C to connect with SD cards, USB ports, HDMI ports, it’s simple plug and play and doesn’t interfere with wireless keyboards or mouse. It’s built to last with premium materials and it’s ultra-compact.


57. Hoya 52 Ultraviolet UV Filter

hoya filter

The Hoya 52mm Ultraviolet UV(0) Haze Multi-Coated Glass Filter is a wise initial investment. It helps protect your valuable investment from dust, moisture and scratches, which can lead to costly repairs. The result is an average light transmission of over 97% giving sharp contrast and well balanced color. Hoya HMC filters are recommended for enhancing the performance of today’s multicoated digital lenses. Multi Coated to minimize reflection at the filter surfaces which reduces flare and ghosting. • Haze filters provide additional benefits of correction for Ultraviolet(UV) light which can register on film and videotape as a bluish cast and can obscure distant details.


58. Atmosphere Aerosol (Haze for Photographers and Filmmakers)

atmosphere aerosol

This little creativity in a bottle is great for photographers and filmmakers who want to add a bit of flare to their creative works.  Atmosphere Aerosol is “haze in a bottle,” it allows you to instantly give your pictures that fog or hazy look without having to depend on heavy, expensive fog machines or equipment. It’s safe, affordable, and convenient. Create visually stunning photos with Atmosphere Aerosol.


59. Miggo Splat Flexible Tripod for DSLRs


Splat is a flexible tripod that adjusts to any surface and can hold compact DSLR cameras in countless positions. It has five extremely durable legs that can be contorted and adjusted to hold DSLR cameras. Fits Compact DSLR cameras Extremely thin and lightweight – easy to store in any bag Five durable and flexible legs grip almost anything including thin elements such as branches and fences.


60. Miggo Stormproof Holster for DSLRs

miggo holster

Photographers who enjoy traveling light and shooting in all types of weather will appreciate the black-blue Agua Stormproof Holster for Cameras from miggo. This holster helps protect the camera from dirt, dust, moderate impact, and boasts an IPX3 rainproof rating. The Agua 25 features dual zipper pulls, an interior, slip-in, stretchable lens cap pocket, and quick-release, locking strap buckles. The bottom of the holster has a thermo-formed rigid exterior with a soft interior for protecting your lens from impact and scratches.


61. Freehands Photography Gloves

photography gloves

The medium Men’s Soft Shell Ski/Snowboard Gloves from Freehands is a very warm glove that features a soft outer polyester shell and velour lining. It’s waterproof and breathable with a sure grip palm. For using your smartphone, the index finger and thumb both have magnets that can be released for fine work or that will hold the caps down. The glove features an adjustable web strap and cord lock. For added dexterity, the thumb is suede.


62. Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Camera

sony alpha a6000

One of the top rated mirrorless camera out on the market today, the Sony Alpha A6000 is one beautifully designed and very capable performer. It has a 24MP CMOS sensor, a 3 inch tilting LCD screen, it can shoot up to 11 FPS, it has built-in wifi and NFC, and a crazy 179 AF points.  Not to mention it’s lightweight, starts up quick, and is compatible with all Sony E mount lenses. If you’re a photographer looking to get into the mirrorless game, this is your current best option.


63. Apple iMac 27in Retina 5K Desktop


One of the best things about the Apple iMac is the gorgeous, crystal clear screen. At 5K resolution, it’s 7x the resolution of a standard HDTV and comes perfectly color calibrated. With USB 3.0 you can transfer large videos, photos, or any media quickly and easily.  It has a fusion drive, which will load your apps quicker, while giving the storage space of a normal drive. When it comes to photography, you need to be able to see as much details as possible, you need a computer that “just works” and a performance let’s you edit high resolution images with ease. The iMac provides you all of this and much more in an amazingly ultra thin, elegant all aluminum design.


64. Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

umbrella kit

This umbrella continuous lighting kit has everything you’ll need to get beautiful lighting to experiment with that studio look.  It’s very affordable, and each item is of high quality. The light bulbs are very bright and extremely white. It’s perfect for YouTube videos if you were to make them as well.


65. X-Rite ColorMunki Display


Advanced display calibration made easy for color perfectionists! No guesswork. No stress. No frustration. No wasted time. X-Rite ColorMunki Display gives you everything you could possibly need for a brilliantly and professionally calibrated display or projector. Use the quick and easy, wizard-driven interface for incredibly perfect color without the need for color science knowledge. Unique features like Ambient Light Smart Control and our Automatic Display Control makes calibrating so easy, while delivering color accuracy and consistency time and time again.


66. Samsung EVO 500GB 2.5 inch SATA SSD

samsung ssd

If you’re still stuck in the stone age working with a hard disk drive, step into the 21st century and upgrade your computer with a blazingly fast SSD drive. Typical start up time for hard disk computers can range from a few minutes.  With an SSD drive installed in your computer, you can see start up times in as quick as 25 seconds (depending on your computer of course). This also means all of your editing programs load up very quickly, all of your file transfers and copies done in an instant, and just general overall performance. Once you experience the quickness of an SSD, you will never go back.


67. Lytro Light Field Camera


The Lytro camera is the first consumer camera that records the entire light field-all the rays of light traveling in every direction through a scene-instead of a flat 2D image. Shoot first, focus later By capturing the light field, you can do incredible things. Like refocus pictures after you take them. This also means that the Lytro camera has no autofocus-and none of the shutter delay that comes with it. Do more than tell a story. Recreate it.


68. Lytro Illum Light Field Camera


The Lytro Illum Light Field Camera is the first of its kind. It allows you to refocus AFTER you have taken a picture. It also has a touch screen unlike any other camera on the market with tablet-class performance. It has one of the most interesting design in the industry. Made of magnesium and aluminum with a matte finish. It features a 4 inch titling LCD screen, a dominating 8x optical zoom, and it just looks like it came from the future.


69. DxO One 20.2MP Digital Connected Camera for iPhone and iPad

dxo one

This portable device is actually a camera that connects to your iPhone or iPad.  It takes the power of a Sony Rx100 sensor and brings it to your iPhone. It has a f/1.8 aperture which means you’ll be able to quality photos in the dark that you wouldn’t come close with with just the iPhone. It also has built-in image stabilization for sharp photos, a rechargeable battery, and it updates automatically once you plug it into your iPhone or iPad.


70. Leica T

leica t

Arguably the sexiest camera in the world, the Leica T is a marvelous work of art. Made of a solid block of aluminum and hand crafted for hours and hours to perfect, the Leica T is one expensive beauty. For the price of an iMac, you can get this German manufactured mirrorless camera that features wifi, a touchscreen interface with their own unique menus, and a design that was birth out of a collaboration with Audi the famous car manufacturer.  Here’s a video of them polishing the body for 40 mins straight.


71. Nix Advanced Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor

Digital Photo Frame

Nix Advance digital photo frame will keep all of your precious memories in convenient place.  It allows you to play back HD videos and photos in the same slideshow. The coolest thing is it has a motion sensor that will turn on when you enter a room and display the most recent photos and videos and then turns off when you leave.  You can even set the time frame you want from 5 mins to 1 hour. Add photos and videos with ease with a USB drive or SD card.


72. GoPro Headstrap Mount + Quick Clip

gopro head

If you have a GoPro, this is a must have accessory. Quickly attach your GoPro to get headlamp-like perspective shots. It’s fully adjustable to fit all sizes. You can wear it over your helmet or your head. The Quick Clip enables ultra-compact, low-profile mounting, and can be used to attach your GoPro to a backwards baseball cap or other 3mm to 10mm thick object.


73. AmazonBasics AA Performance Batteries


Every photographer will know how useful it is to have a lot of AA batteries lying around.  You can never get enough!


74. 360fly 360 Degree Action Camera


This spherical camera takes action cameras to the next level by allowing users to capture an immersive 360 degrees experience. Record moments instantly and play them back as if you were there. It has a magnetic charging base and microphone for sound recording, it has a rugged design to withstand rain, sand, liquid, sweat and dust. Take it anywhere with you worry free as it is shock resistant up to 1.5 meters.


75. Flir One Thermal Imager for iPhone


FLIR ONE is a lightweight accessory that transforms your iOS device into a powerful thermal infrared camera. FLIR ONE displays live thermal infrared imagery using the FLIR ONE iPhone app so you can see the world from a thermal perspective. FLIR ONE allows you to measure temperature variances.


76. Adobe Photoshop Elements 14

photoshop elements

Smartphone selfies. Tablet landscapes. Posed portraits and quick candids. You take more photos than ever before. Keep focusing on the memories -Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 will make them look great with quick edits, artistic touches and fun transformations. Create beautiful scrapbook pages and cards, and share to favorite social sites. And find any photo, fast.


77. Dell UltraSharp 34 inch Curved LED Monitor


As a photographer you’re going to be spending a lot of time editing. You want to make sure you have the best viewing experience possible to get all the little details and the most accurate colors. For those reasons, the Dell UltraSharp is your best choice in curved monitors. The curved design gives your an immersive panoramic experience like you’ve never seen before. (Link)

78. Canon Connect Station CS100

cannon connect

This is Canon’s central hub. With it you can store or share your photos or videos with a simple tap. It uses NFC and wifi to wireless upload and broadcast your creations.  Sharing and storing your media has never been this simple before. It holds up to 1TB of storage and you can access it with your Android phone or tablet and upload it to social media.. (Link)

79. Seagate Seven 500GB Portable External Hard Drive


This is the world’s thinnest portable external 500gb hard drive by Seagate. It’s sleek and strong, made entirely of steel, and extremely fast with USB 3.0. It draws power directly from the ports so there is no need for any external power supply. Save your favorite photos on the world’s thinnest hard drive.


80. Google Glasses Explorer Edition

google glasses

The Google Glasses is the first of it’s kind. It’s brings the world of the internet right in front of your eyes. With a simple swipe or voice command, you can explore the web as if you were on your computer. It allows you to record videos from a POV perspective, view maps in real time, take photos, call and send messages.


81. KDLINKS Full HD Dashboard Camcorder


The X1 Camcorder records full HD videos at 30 fps immediately after you turn on the ignition. It has a night mode ensuring high quality recordings also in poor lighting conditions. It has a fast F1.6 high quality camera lens. The use of six-glass F1.6 lenses and an extremely sensitive AR0330 sensor ensure excellent quality.  As a result, the video quality is very detailed and smooth.


82. Tile (Generation 2) Phone/Key/Item Finder


Never lose your phone, wallet, keys, or personal items again.  As photographers we carry around a lot of things of high value and losing them can be costly.  Prevent the loss with this easy to use, Bluetooth tracker.  Attach it to your key chain, or camera bag and you’ll be able to locate your stuff with ease using their app.


83. HP Sprout

hp sprout

With Sprout’s breakthrough technology, Windows multi-touch experience, the i7 processor, you have the tools to express yourself and get work done. *** Sprout’s revolutionary immersive and intuitive multi-touch technology redefines how you bring your ideas to life. *** The powerful fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processor delivers fast system performance, sharp graphics, and uses less power. And with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, you’ll get an automatic burst of speed whenever you need more juice to get the job done.


84. A Visual Compendium of Cameras Poster


Zoom in on the history of photography with this meticulously illustrated catalog of 100 landmark cameras. Focusing on both professional and consumer models, this high-contrast composition captures the development of the camera from the first Kodak in 1888 all the way to today’s digital wonders. Boasting all manner of Canons, Nikons, Leicas, and much more, this flash-y anthology of aperture apparatuses is sure to (F-)stop shutterbugs in their tracks.


85. Apple iPad Pro (128GB)

ipad pro

The new Apple iPad Pro is one of the best tablets out on the market. Its the first of its kind to feature a titanic 12.9 inch screen, it’s the first to feature 4 speakers that can detect which position the tablet is being held.  With the smart connectors on the bottom, you can connect a smart keyboard instantly with no bluetooth needed.  The screen is advanced enough to work with Apple’s famous stylus, the Apple Pencil.  This powerful tablet combined with Adobe’s apps will allow you to edit on the go.


86. Datacolor Spydercube SC200

datacolor spider

The Spydercube will help you get the perfect color from all of your shoots.  You set it down in your scene and take a picture.  Once you go to edit on your computer, you can select areas on the cube to help you set the black, white, and 18% grey points.  This helps you select the perfect color temperature every time.


87. Gizmon Camera Case for iPhone 5/5s/SE


With the new iPhone SE coming out, this unique camera case that was made for one of Apple’s most loved phone designs is back in action.  The Gizmon camera case has the look and design of the conventional GIZMON iCA series.


88. HTC RE 16MP Waterproof Camera


HTC RE lets you focus on the moment, not on your camera. Remarkably fun, incredibly easy: one-handed use brings you out from behind a screen and back into the moment. Grip sensor turns it on when you pick it up, and a single button takes photos with a tap and videos with a press. Wide-angle lens replaces the need for a viewfinder, and waterproof construction replaces the need for a case.


89. YooSoo Rechargeable Selife Ring Light

rechargeable led selfie light

With 24 white LED bulbs, this specially designed selfie light provides supplemental or side lighting for photography when ever you have low light conditions. It also helps you to get higher quality pictures and videos even when just low-light is available.


90. Sony HD Action Cam

sony action cam

This action cam is Sony’s version of its GoPro competitor.  The design is sleek and modern and is rugged enough for you to take on your adventures.  It’s water proof and features a separate live view remote.  With the live view remote you can see what your camcorder sees without being close to it. It rocks Sony’s famous ZEISS camera lens, has wifi, NFC, and Bluetooth.  It’s the ultimate companion to your explorations.


91. SooCoo Action Camera with Remote


This tiny action camera is not only cute but highly useful.  It’s made to travel with you while you explore. It comes with a remote to control it and there are also stickers that allows you to stick it to any metal surface. It’s shock proof and water proof.


92. Chevron Ivory Lace Camera Strap

ivory lace camera straps

The Chevron Ivory Lace Camera strap is a great way to give your camera a vintage unique look. It’s a very pretty strap made of comfortable material for hours of carrying your camera during shoots. It’s a wonderful alternative to the basic black camera straps that every camera comes with.


93. Koolertron Waterproof Fashionable Camera Bag

koolertron waterproof bag

This camera bag is both stylish and waterproof. It comes in red, black, and yellow. The camera straps are a comfortable 36 inches and the insides are padded to protect up to one DSLR camera and a few lenses. This light, soft, and beautiful bag is all you need for your photoshoots.


94. CowboyStudio Burgundy Leather Camera Straps

leather straps

This beautiful burgundy brown leather strap is made from cowhide. The strong soft leather, works great, looks great and makes carrying your camera very easy.


95. Retro Patterned Camera Straps

retro camera straps

Give your camera some personality with these retro style patterned camera straps by Camera Straps. They have over 25 designs to choose from so there’s no shortage in how you would want to style your camera.


96. BeSport Classic Vintage Camera Bag


This is Besporter Canvas Messenger Bag is very portable and you can put your keys, wallet, phone and camera gear in it. It’s strong and well made and comes in six vintage colors.  The colors themselves are pretty and very subtle.


97. Holdfast Multi-camera Harness

holdfast gear

The regular chestnut MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness from HoldFast is a high-grade leather harness designed to hold two cameras near your hips. The harness is put on backpack style and worn with the straps laying in an “X” pattern across your back for added support. When you need to shoot, the Speed Clutch mechanism allows you to easily slide your camera along the harness to eye level.


98. Altura Photography Cleaning Kit

cleaning kit

The Altura Photo Cleaning Kit is composed of carefully selected tools and materials to safely and effectively clean your camera and any other delicate optics. Includes: Lens Cleaning Pen System + High Quality Lens Brush + Air Blower Cleaner + 50 Sheets Lens Tissue Paper + Handy Empty Spray Bottle + 3 Premium MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.


99. Movo Photo HSG-2 Wrist Strap

wrist and grip strap

The Movo Photo HSG-2 strap assures you of a firm grasp of your camera while out shooting. The padded hand cushion is comfortable and provides support when the shot appears. Rather than have your camera dangling from a long strap, this hand grip keeps your DSLR firmly in your hand so when you’re ready to shoot, all you need to do is raise the camera to eye level and shoot.



100. Aukey Lens Kit


High performance, professional grade telephoto zoom (x3.0) lens add-on delivering powerful optical zoom. Transform your smartphone or tablet to capture stunning DSLR-quality, distortion free photography. Specially designed HD glass manufactured by Aukey® ensures the most stunning, crystal clear photos. Capture the moment; let it live forever with this class-leading Telephoto Lens.



101. Selfie Tripod

selfie tripod

The style Tripod is super light weight and save space that can be carried anywhere, for perfect pictures and video on the move. Never again worry about your smart phone slipping or sliding, the new design secure holder is perfect for smart phones measuring 50 – 100mm. Tripod can be placed on a desk, table, around the branch, railings and even on the handlebars, whenever and wherever possible to play the extraordinary creativity.


102. SanDisk Ultra 200gb Micro SD


As a photographer, you take a whole lot of pictures and sometimes videos. You are all too familiar with how quickly storage can fill up and how urgent it is to always have a spare.  With this micro SD card from SanDisk, you’ll never have to worry about overloading your camera again.  This is the world’s highest capacity mico SD. Not only that, but it’s built to endure extreme conditions. It’s water proof, temperature proof, shock proof, x-ray proof, and magnet proof.  It’s also rated Class 10 for Full HD video recording performance and comes with an SD adapter + 10 year limited warranty.


103. Prynt Case for iPhone 6/6s


Print instant photos from your phone. Simply attach the Prynt Case to your phone, take a photo and then create a short video. Then, print it out! When you hand your Prynt photo to a friend, they can use the Prynt app to unlock the hidden video clip, magically bringing your Prynt photo to life.


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